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All text by Adam Conner.


Photo: Keith Pauline

15th November 2009

Here I am removing the old radiator mounted registration plate.We had decided a change was in order, so over some considerable time I stripped, shot blast and painted a replacement grille of the earlier type with registration plate mounted on it.


Photo: Keith Pauline
Next job before fitting the new grille was to fit some webbing material to the bottom lugs to stop the grille rattling. Here I am drilling the old rivets out before fitting the webbing.
Photo: Keith Pauline
The finished product! What do you think?
Next job was to fix an air leak from the gerbox. Every time reverse gear was engaged, air would leak. This meant the the air piston seals on the reverse gear piston were worn out and needed replacing. Que myself!
Here is 4th gear air piston removed from the gearbox. Bottom right is the cover plate. Top right is the push rod and spring. The push rod fits inside the top of the piston and compressed air pushes from underneath, actuating the gear band. The blue ring around the piston is the rubber seal.
This is reverse gear piston with new seals fitted top and bottom. Here I am refitting it.
All in all a good job done. After a short test run, no leaks were found. Many thanks to Keith and Simon for their help.
Here I am up the ladder cleaning the window pans (frame). After a while they get dirty and need a good scrub!