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Due to the unique way in which not just our Routemaster, but ALL 2760 London Routemasters were maintained and overhauled, it is very difficult to give a definative history as every Routemaster has two and sometimes, like ours, three different identities, the body, chassis and registration.

The bodies were very rarely married up with the same chassis as they took longer to overhaul and to save wasting road tax, London Transport had special dispensation to re-register their buses so that the registration of a vehicle arriving for overhaul would be taken off and given to the next vehicle to leave the works after overhaul.

The history of our Routemaster covers a 45 year timescale.

Aldenham Overhaul Works

The Routemaster bus, ours included was overhauled by London Transport at their purpose built facility at Aldenham Bus Overhaul Works near Borehamwood roughly every 4 years.

Most passed through Aldenham three or sometimes four times for overhaul during their life with London Transport.

Aldenham Bus Overhaul Works

As it stands, our bus carries registration 859 DYE, body B1872 and chassis A1924.

Now, as to the history of our Routemaster, I have detailed the history of the body, as this is the most visual part of the bus.

Our bus passed through Aldenhams' doors 3 times during its London Transport life.

                     to become RM1812

                     stored new to AE Hendon as RM1872

Aldenham Busl Works